Friday, May 7, 2010

Live Web Seminar with Bit9

I will be talking about the failure of HIPS to provide a scalable endpoint security and the acceptance of application whitelisting as a foundational layer in conjunction with AV. One of the big problems with HIPS is that it is prohibitively expensive from an administrative standpoint. I think it is an interesting topic since I have some experience with with is now Cisco CSA. I hope you can join us on May 19th at 2:00ET.

"While significant enterprise security resources are devoted to prevention of malicious code infections, malware continues to frustrate security teams. Traditional anti-virus approaches have proven to be ineffective against modern attacks, and organizations that have tried host intrusion prevention find that technology is not an effective part of the endpoint security solution. Application whitelisting monitors endpoints in real time to ensure that only authorized programs can run, and that those programs have not been modified by malware."