Sunday, June 7, 2009

Early Vibe: Triumfant

Triumfant is an up and coming endpoint security product vendor headquartered in the Washington, DC area. The company takes a holistic approach to endpoint security, detecting changes to the environment, auditing activity, and restoring the endpoint to a compliant state after an attack. This is a sharp contrast to traditional anti-virus approaches that can never catch all the exploits and behavioral approaches that fail to unwind from a detected attack. I believe the security experiences of Triumfant’s leadership team, and the uniqueness of its technology, give the company a promising future if it can navigate the pitfalls associated with growing an “A” round company.

The secret sauce for Triumfant is the capability to define and manage the drift of adaptive baseline configurations of endpoints under protection. This allows the technology to detect unauthorized changes, such as those caused by malicious code, and to reset the endpoint to the latest baseline. Agent software scans the local environment for changes, and also uses signature and behavioral techniques to increase the chance of detecting an attack. The centralized server allows IT to manage baseline definitions, to automatically allow for configuration drifts by auditing endpoints under Triumfant protection, and to reset a non-compliant endpoint to the latest pristine image without the need for an IT refresh. The approach is refreshing as most endpoint security vendors completely ignore the need to reset an endpoint without IT intervention.

Triumfant will face challenges as it grows, and must carefully choose product features that keep it ahead of the slower moving vendors. The two greatest impacts may come from anti-virus vendors and virtual desktop vendors. IT cannot conceive of an endpoint security world without AV, no matter how many times AV is proven to be effective. Triumfant should bundle an optional AV in its solution to be able to displace installed competitors with a more comprehensive endpoint security solution. Virtual desktops offer the ability to reset the desktop to pristine compliant images when an infection is detected. Triumfant can fill the gap for virtual desktop vendors by enabling desktop resets of virtual images.

Customers need to demand more from all endpoint security vendors and not just accept a status quo that does not work often enough. Triumfant is rising to this challenge with an innovative approach to protect servers and desktops from attacks, and to give IT relief from attack recovery procedures. It is an interesting play that lends itself well to servers and will inevitably become popular on desktops too.

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