Thursday, August 20, 2009

VMware AppSpeed moves virtualization forward

This is an Ogren Group Impact I wrote a few weeks ago for VMware AppSpeed. The product is a pretty good idea and should do well for VMware's customers.

"VMware is bolstering its vCenter management capability with AppSpeed 1.0 software enabling organizations to confidently control performance as applications transition to a virtualized infrastructure. AppSpeed allows IT organizations to manage memory, network, and system resources for applications across the physical and virtual corporate infrastructure, assuring predictable VM performance under peak workloads. The Ogren Group believes establishing visibility and control of performance as applications become virtualized is a critical capability for organizations advancing their strategy of cost savings and dynamic IT service management through data center virtualization. The introduction of vCenter AppSpeed is an innovative move by VMware, and positions VMware customers to rely more upon ESX virtualization in the data center..."

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