Wednesday, May 4, 2011

VDI Security: Centralized Control

One of my favorite articles I wrote for TechTarget’s Information Security Magazine was published last year. It turned out to be pretty popular with a huge number of downloads. I recently received the following mail from with a link you can check out.

Virtual desktop infrastructure implementation provides security pros with a perfect opportunity to re-architect their organization’s endpoint security and management. The fact that virtual desktops are managed via centralized services means that an entirely new approach can be taken with respect to endpoint security and desktop configurations, giving security teams much more control over their company’s data.

This complimentary IT Decision Checklist explores the most significant security opportunities coming out of VDI solutions and how you can leverage them to fortify your own organization’s security posture.

Explore how to achieve the following in a VDI environment:

-- Control endpoint configurations
-- Isolate sensitive and regulated data
-- Enhance antimalware strategy
-- And more

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