Friday, September 2, 2011

Recent press release support

Summer is winding down and Q4 activities are picking up. I’ll post a short note Monday on some concepts from briefings that I found interesting. Meanwhile here are the top 3 quotes I gave recently for Watchguard, Damballa and eEye …


I like what Watchguard has been doing, particularly for companies looking to protect their networks against security issues associated with social networks. The quote is on DLP functionality that will help against unauthorized outbound data flows. My French stops with “merci” – Watchguard did the translating:

“Until recently, data loss prevention technology has been predominately relegated to enterprise organisations that have the staff or resources capable of managing the administrative complexities associated with DLP,” said Eric Ogren of the Ogren Group. “The new DLP features in this WatchGuard
release focus on providing mainstream business environments with the badly needed benefits of enterprise‐strength DLP in a simple to manage solution.”

"Jusqu’à récemment, la technologie de prévention des pertes de données était principalement réservée aux services de l’entreprise disposant du personnel ou des ressources capables de gérer les complexités d’administration inhérentes", déclare Eric Ogren d’Ogren Group. "Les nouvelles fonctionnalités DLP de cette mise à jour de WatchGuard visent à offrir aux principaux environnements professionnels les avantages indispensables d’une protection DLP d’entreprise éprouvée au sein d’une solution simple à gérer."


I liked Damballa’s ISP approach to associating domains and IP addresses with botnets. This allows service providers to detect command and control communications in the cloud, blocking early attacks while AV can perform clean-up of existing threats.

“The designer malware used in today’s attacks is supremely capable of evading detection,” said Eric Ogren, principal analyst of The Ogren Group. “The weakest link for data-seeking malware is now the command and control infrastructure with its reliance on the DNS hierarchy. Being able to detect the criminal infrastructure in its early days, as it is being set up and long before the actual attacks are launched, gives businesses a fighting chance at staying ahead of these threats.”


eEye has been in security for a while, with both Retina and Blink products. I thought their approach to risk identification, vulnerability management, and patching to be interesting for small and medium businesses that can benefit from a community approach.

“Many organizations fail to address their most critical security weaknesses, spending time and money correcting relatively minor security problems,” said Eric Ogren, principal and founder of the Ogren Group. “Security risk prioritization is an indispensable element of any pragmatic IT security and compliance strategy. Enterprises need solutions that will allow them to prioritize so that they can quickly and easily close the most dangerous security gaps in their networks.”

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