Tuesday, June 19, 2012

ForeScout offerring an enlightened NAC commentary

From Day One I felt that NAC was terribly positioned as a "lock out bad guys" technology. To me it has always been an "automate endpoint protection" technology that would appeal to all size companies. Back in the day this was the excitement I felt when talking with Mitchell from StillSecure, Stacy from InfoExpress, and the Arvin/Irene/Rohit triumvirate at Perfigo. Unfortunately, somewhere along the way the NAC vendors all started tilting at the absolutely wrong windmills. I am pleased to say that NAC is now doing much better, and is sorting itself out - I would peg the segment at about $300M in 2012 revenues. One of those vendors that figured it out is ForeScout that has been doing quite well thanks to unique technology, focus on security automation, inclusion of mobile devices, and enthusiastic customer references. You can read a bit of what I think about ForeScout here!

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  1. ForeScout contrinues to be very active on the compliance front: http://blog.forescout.com/blog/bid/146307/Endpoint-compliance-gaps-and-how-to-close-them

    One of my better whitepapers was done for ForeScout, and you can read it at: http://blog.forescout.com/landing-endpoint-compliance/