Friday, July 13, 2012

Recommending ShareFile

This week I gained more experience than I really wanted in using file sharing services. Fortunately, ShareFile by Citrix saved the day for me after a few other approaches did not work at anything more than wasting my time. Thanks to them I was able to get a large file - greater then Gmail's 25Mb size limit - to a client before my deadline!

I was recording the audio track of a Putting Compliance to Work in a Virtualized World webcast for TechTarget on my iPad. The WavePad software generated a 32Mb MP3 file that I then had to deliver to Mr. Parizo (who performed some editting before posting it behind a registration page for TechTarget subscribers). I have to admit that I am a complete klutz when it comes to using new tools - my brain has become finely tuned at always choosing the wrong options and I had a lot of issues with poor user interfaces from other products.

But let's focus on how to do it right. I loved the ShareFile experience. A simple registration page got me started, using the "browse files" button to upload my MP3 was a snap, and the simple shortened link supplied for me was the perfect thing to mail off. Citrix also followed up a personalized note for support if needed and a customized login screen. I shouldn't be surprised based on my GoToMeeting experiences, but the ease of use and the high level of service really sets ShareFile apart. In any event, my client was able to download the MP3 file and we were off and running. I'm guessing the whole process took less than 30 minutes. This is the way cloud apps should be - if you are looking at sharing files without clogging up mailboxes, then check out ShareFile.

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