Tuesday, September 22, 2009

Nominum Broadens Intelligent DNS Impact with SKYE Cloud Services

Nominum is introducing a DNS SaaS approach called SKYE. This is interesting partly because the DNS lookup seems like a good time to layer on security and acceptable use services, since attacks now originate from the Web. It is a good concept, with a good management team behind it, and I was glad to support their release.

“DNS has evolved from a simple name resolution protocol to a policy-based system that provides essential availability, auditing and security services for the entire ecosystem of web-based applications,” said Eric Ogren, principal analyst at the Ogren Group. “Since the first step of any Internet request is a DNS look-up, the name service is a natural position to deploy technology asserting manageable controls over the complexities and threats of today’s Internet. With web threats dominating the Internet, the time could not be better for Nominum to launch its SKYE service for ISPs and enterprises.”

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