Friday, October 16, 2009

Phishing protection begins with training, antiphishing evangelist

Newly posted on SearchSecurity:

Law enforcement has demonstrated that it's serious about cracking down on phishers, spammers and other nefarious cybercriminal activity, but now is the time for security organizations to launch an antiphishing program to protect customers and employees from the upcoming wave of attacks that will most certainly mark the holiday season.

Phishing is a nagging social problem that preys on users' trust of established brands and confidence in the Internet. The classic phishing scam consists of a plausibly written email message containing a link to a phish website that looks like the real thing, but is designed to steal passwords and account numbers when the unsuspecting user authenticates. While law enforcement is part of the solution to breaking up phishing rings, IT needs to continuously focus on social countermeasures to fight the strength of phishing attacks.

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